Friday, October 17, 2008

new cheese and the tasting menu return

ok so we have some new cheese coming today. We have the Old Quebec 8 year old cheddar and the Peaked Mountain Vermont Dandy. Both are really really good. I am also bringing back the $38 tasting menu, It's 4-5 courses and it is always fun to do. It's a bit more daring than what is on the menu and it gives the staff and I a chance to learn something new. Tonights menu is still a bit unknown but the dessert will be coach farms chevre frozen mousse with cherry, pistachio custard, pistachio powder, and cherry dipping dots. So come in and try it out.

Some other news I have been on a book spending spree lately. I stated before about Alinea but I also just got a book called Frozen Desserts by Francisco Migoya. If you ever wanted to make anything frozen this is the book, beautiful pictures and very solid recipes. Also just got A Day At El Bulli by the Adria brothers. Pretty cool stuff, I have El Bulli 1998-2002 and that is amazing but this is different because it goes through the daily process and you get to see the passion and the effort behind this wonderful restaurant. And coming out soon we have Under Pressure the new Thomas Keller book on sous vide cooking, The Big Fat Duck CookBook, and Natura by Albert Adria. This is just an amazing time to love reading cookbooks.

well I must be going
ps i will try to have pictures up soon and the menu I think is changing next week it is going to be very fun. I promise

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