Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year , Some Changes

Hello all,
I hope everybody had a safe and happy holiday season. We are changing some things up with the menu format starting today so here we go. The menu will be made up of smaller plates and then different entree specials will appear every night. It's really fun so here is the menu
Meatballs- foccacia bread, parmesan, herbs, tomato
Chicken Wing Confit-balsamic siracha reduction, cilantro
"Liver and Onion"-pheasant livers, red onion marmalade, red wine reduction
Black Cod-white bean ragout, tomato, fennel
Flat Iron Steak-olive, fennel, potato confit
Kobe Burger-tomato, grilled onion, cherry ketchup, if you want you could any cheese from the list
Scallops- potato gratin
risotto-daily preperation
pizza-daily preperation
Endive salad-pear, blue cheese, maple balsamic viniagrette, pancetta
Wild Boar Ribs-soy thyme bbq sauce
Grilled Quail- honey coffee viniagrette

so that's it. these will range in price from $8-$10
hope to see you soon

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