Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh I Forgot I Have a Blog

Hello All
So it's been awhile, sorry my bad. So we have a bunch of new stuff coming up on the menu next week. I am proud to say that our cheese menu will be 100% New York state cheese. We will have the Saratoga Sunflower, Snuggles Blue, and The Highrock from Liza and Dave Porter of Homestead Artisans. We will also have some Nancy's Camembert from Hudson Valley Sheep and one other that hasn't been determined yet. This change will take place on Sat. Feb. 6th. A new chocolate dessert is coming on also it has chocolate merangue, tarragon and chocolate mousse and chocolate cookie crumble, I tried it last night and its pretty yummy.

As far as new savory items I am still working on it but as of right now we will have parmesan cereal, which is a parmesan soup with parmesan crispies.
So I hope to see you all this weekend

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